I love following chihuahuas on Instagram, and regularly comb through the “Who You Should Follow” list to see if there are any I’ve missed. I love scrolling through all the cute faces on my Instagram account, and stopping at my favorites to see what they’re up to.

If you don’t have enough cute chihuahua faces on your Instagram feed, here are some truly wonderful chihuahuas and their equally wonderful owners.


Not only does this charming young lady take stunning photos of her chihuahuas, she’s also one of the kindest people on Instagram. She is an active part of the chihuahua community, and genuinely cares about the people around her.


Probably the most popular chihuahua on Instagram, The Joy of the Chase features beautifully composed pictures of Chase, a cute little chihuahua in Latvia who loves to dress up and do tricks.

It’s Fifigram

We love checking in to see what Fifi is doing every few days. You can expect a post about once a week or so, showing off just how cute little Fifi is. Fifi doesn’t do any tricks, but she is clearly a well loved dog enjoying chihuahua life to the fullest.

The Sporty Chihuahua

I could watch this chihuahua and handler forever. She is the most amazing person, with the most amazing dog. If you enjoy seeing what a dog that loves sports looks like, definitely follow her.


A regularly updated account told from the perspective of Jack. Jack is such a sweet dog and we love all their updates!


Frankly, I just love her little teeth. Luna is a cute little chihuahua that enjoys getting close ups with her rather unique smile.


This Italian chihuahua is super cute, and the photos are well composed. We love that they also found a way to do big images on their main page. If you just want to see a rugged little guy against extremely majestic backdrops, this is a great one to browse.


This adorable little Merle chihuahua is cute no matter what he does. Updated pretty much daily, you can almost always look forward to a cute little photo of his face.


This adorable little London chihuahua has the cutest face ever! We love seeing him pretty much all the time, whether he’s toes up in bed or out for a stroll. Soooo cute!


When Strawberry was rehomed as a two-year-old, little did she know her next life would be such a good one. Most of the time her pictures are of walks around the area, which could be a dramatic waterfall shot or a simple mall trip.

We love this well loved chihuahua on her adventures with her owners. <3

Who is your favorite on instagram? Please share in the comments!

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