About Us

About Us

The Most Handsome Beast, in action
It all began with a chihuahua. In 2010 we welcomed home our first dog ever, a tiny chihuahua puppy we named Rocco. As a dog groomer, this was not the author’s first breed of choice. Chihuahuas are yappy! Chihuahuas pee everywhere! Chihuahuas bite!

Well, not Rocco. He doesn’t bite, doesn’t yap, and when he pees in the house, it’s time to shlup him off to the vet to see what’s ailing him.

We now have a crew of four chihuahuas and have spent the last 12 years learning every detail of chihuahua behavior, right down to why they bark and yes, sometimes pee in the house. (Looking at you, Tank.)

Chihuahuas are a wonderful breed, but we’ve also learned that their training and care needs are unique. You know that ‘rule’ someone came up with that if you just starve the dog a couple of days it will eat what ever you tell it to? Chihuahuas won’t. The fight for good food is a hill they are willing to die on.

Tooth brushing is good husbandry in most breeds of dogs, but it is essential to your chihuahua. They are very prone to dental decay and can even die from infections that spread to their heart.

All Things Chihuahua was born out of a desire to take our decade of experience in dog handling, grooming, and training, and tailor it to the chihuahua breed. We hope to eventually have a full resource for Chihuahua owners so no matter what it is you’re looking for, you’ll find it on All Things Chihuahua.