A blanket style cloth in brown costume is the fuzzy texture of a deer. A seperate deer hat velcros under the chin.

Halloween is a fun time for kids, but it can also be a fun time for your chihuahua too! If your dog likes wearing clothes and going trick-or-treating, why not give them a fun costume so they can try to score snacks too?

The chihuahua costumes for Halloween depend on your dog. Some dogs are fine with hats, some are not so wild about them. Some are fine with cute costumes that look like little people from the front, others hate clothing entirely.

You should never force your pet to wear a costume. That’s why this list includes a variety of costumes—including some that are just decorated collars and harnesses for those who don’t like clothing. We hope you find this list to your liking, and find something wonderful for your pet to wear this Halloween.

Dino Harness

Remember how we said some dogs don’t like wearing clothing? If your dog likes to go out, but loses their super powers when put in a shirt, this harness is a good compromise. It’s just a harness to your dog, but to everyone else, it’s a cool dinosaur!

The bad news is the small is an 18” girth, so likely won’t fit smaller chihuahuas. (My five pounder is only 14” around, to give you an idea.) If your chihuahua is on the bigger side though, this could be a great choice.

Deer Costume

How about a costume you can use more than once a year? With Christmas right around the corner, you can use this costume for Halloween, and then again for Christmas. This costume does come with a hat, so make sure you find out how your pet feels about hats first.

This comes in an XXS size, which would fit my 5 pound dog. It looks like it may be adjustable to fit smaller.

Doctor Outfit

For those pups who don’t like hats but don’t mind clothing, this doctor outfit is adorable. Pair it with a nurse outfit for yourself and go out as Doctor and Nurse!


Around here, we love outfits that can double for other things. This Tuxedo is not only hat free and warm, but also perfect for any special occasion. Have your pet wear it for Halloween, weddings, birthday parties, or just to be cute the rest of the year.

Tie Fighter

If you’re family has a Star Wars theme, this tiny costume would be adorable—especially if you have a swarm of chihuahuas! This costume has no hat, but seems rather bulky. This would be a good one for a dog who is very tolerant of clothing.

Go Custom!

It’s not always easy to find the right costume that looks cute but meets your pets needs too. We just started sewing our own clothing for dogs recently, and can attest to the abundance of cute clothing available on Etsy. You can also make your own! Here’s a few ideas:

Jet Pack

Scarf and Beret

Grandma Costume

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