A cute dog wearing a headscarf and glasses wants to know if you'll have tea with her.

Transforming your pet into a cute grandma is relatively easy with just a few items. If you have a very small dog, you’ll need to order some dog glasses for their face, but medium to large dogs can often wear bigger glasses.

You’ll also want to get started early conditioning your dog to the costume, as some dogs don’t like having things touching their head. We sourced our glasses on e-bay for relatively cheap, and got the scarf at target.

Supplies needed:

A scarf

Glasses/dog glasses depending on size of dog

Basic sewing supplies

How to make the DIY Grandma Costume

Let the scarf dangle over the dog’s back. I cut mine to length by dragging one side until it touched the floor, and cutting the other end off where it touched the ground. This doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as there’s enough length to tie under your dog’s chin.

Open up the scarf at it’s widest point. Cut it length wise wide enough to cover your dog’s ears and a bit extra. Again this doesn’t have to be perfect, a little bigger is better than a little smaller, as you do want their ears completely covered for the head scarf look.

Cut the fringe off on the remnant piece, and use that to sew onto the cut end of your scarf. That’s the scarf! Tie this on covering your dog’s ears, and put the glasses on for your snazzy picture.

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