A chihuahua badly photoshopped into space wears a DIY jet pack.

Get ready for your pet to blast off with this adorable DIY Jet Pack Costume. We first saw this costume on The Dog Guide, created by Robin Fletcher.  We tried it in a smaller soda bottle size with our chihuahuas.

Although we had a fantastic time making it, be advised this is not a good costume for easily spooked dogs. Our dog Tank found the costume frightening, so we did not put it on him. We instead put it on Rocco, who is known for his enjoyment of camera time. He loved it!

If you have a calm dog who is not afraid of unwieldy items on their back, this is a fun, easy to make (and cheap!) costume. Shy dogs might prefer this much more modest Beanie Baby costume.

You will need:

2 soda bottles of an appropriate size (20 oz shown in photo)

Silver duct tape

Red, orange or/and yellow tissue paper


A harness

How to make:

Drink the soda, rinse, and remove the lids. Duct tape each bottle so that it is completely covered in duct tape. Once they are completely covered, duct tape them together.

Tissue paper comes folded up, take it out of the packaging still folded. Cut the tissue paper (still folded) into 4-inch-wide sections, and then roll it up and stuff it in the bottle. Tape it in place and cut the folds vertically so they look like fluttering flames sticking out the bottom.

I just duct taped this onto the harness, but Fletcher used wire to make it sturdier. Use your best judgement when making this costume.

Once it is attached to the back of the harness, it’s finished! If you have the time before Halloween to order them and your dog doesn’t mind, some doggles (ad) would look really cute with this.

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