A dog modeling the TY beanie baby costume. A bunch of plushies are in the background.

Halloween is just around the corner, but you forgot to buy a costume! The good news is, even if the dog stores are all sold out, you can whip up this DIY Beanie Baby costume for your dog in just a few minutes. It’s also ideal for chihuahuas who aren’t wild about wearing costumes because this doesn’t require clothing or hats.

You will need:

Print out of the TY beanie baby heart

Cardboard to glue it on


A hole punch

Gold embroidery thread (or in a pinch, anything to tie the tag on.)

How to Make the Costume

Print out the TY Beanie Baby Heart located here. There’s two tags on the print out, a larger one and a smaller one. If you want a huge tag or to be able to control the size more, try this print out from Art Additive.

If you have card stock, or even better glossy card stock, you can save yourself a step and print it directly onto that. I discovered my printer only prints in black, but Walgreens can print it for you as a photo for cheap. It looks great! I used the 8×10 option and as you can see from the photos it worked well.

Otherwise, print it out and cut it out. Cut the cardboard to match the size, and glue it on. If you are using regular printer paper, try to spread the glue thinly or else it will appear lumpy or cause the ink to bleed. Let it dry completely before punching the hole.

Finally, punch a hole just above and beside the t where it belongs. Now all you have to do is tie it on your dog’s collar with gold embroidery thread and the costume is complete!

Have you tried this costume before? Share with us how it turned out in the comments below!

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