A dog in a pink beret and scarf sits at a small table in a white table cloth. Yellow flowers and a coffee cup are on the table. Another dog sniffs the flowers.

Our past costumes are all quick, easy costumes that take just a few minutes to make. This costume takes a little bit longer, 30 minutes or so, and requires some sewing skills. We made a quick demonstration video on our Youtube channel, but it is really quick.

This step-by-step tutorial will help you figure out the more complicated part of this, including sewing the inner-band that makes up the bottom of the beret.

You will need:

  • Knit fabric
    We used knit fabric in our tutorial, but jersey or felt also works. You want to choose a non fraying fabric so your scarf won’t come apart.
  • Two lids
    The lids will be the pattern for your hat. The largest one will be the width of the hat. The smallest one will be the hole where the head sits. Choose lids that appropriately match the size of the dog.
  • Measuring tape
    You’ll need to be able to measure the hole you make for the bottom part of the hat, the chin strap to hold it on your dog’s head, and the length of the scarf.
  • Scissors
    To cut the fabric, etc.
  • Needle, thread
    This requires some sewing. It can be hand sewed with a basic stitch.
  • Elastic
    For holding it on your dog’s head.

Step one:

Measure your dog from the ground, over their shoulder, and down to the ground again. An extra inch does provide more room for tying, but probably not much more than that. Choose a good width for your dog, on mine it was about 3 inches wide.

Cut a strip the length you measured, as wide as you like for the scarf, and then cut a fringe. Voila! The scarf is done. Since it is a knit fabric, it won’t unravel.

Step two:

The beret is much trickier. You will want to cut out two circles with the largest lid. I inked on the wrong side of the fabric a circle so I could make sure it was perfectly round.

Set one circle aside and fold the other in half. Use the other lid to draw a half circle on the folded section of the circle. (See our video for reference.) Cut this out, and when you unfold it you should have a donut hole. This is the bottom half of your beret.

Place the top and bottom of the hat together, wrong side of the fabric out, and sew around the edge. Flip it right side out, and you should have the top of the beret complete.

Step three:

Next we’re going to make a hat band for the interior. Measure the inside of that circle, and cut a strip of cloth that length, and about 1” wide. It’s okay to be a little bigger.

Fold the strip in half lengthwise, and then longwise. Sew the band together on the short side and flip it so the seam is on the inside. It should look like a cloth bracelet, but with cut fabric on one of the long sides.

Step Four:

This is the trickiest part. Place the hat band against the hole of the hat, so that the open cut edges are lined up with the hole. Sew the cut fabric edge to the hole, all the way around. It looks weird, it feels weird, it looks like you’re not doing it right, and suddenly it’s done and you have a hat band.

Place the hat on your dog’s head, and measure around the chin for the hat strap. Cut the elastic this length and sew it on.

Ta-da! Scarf and beret are finished! Good job!

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