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Halloween is filled with things your dog would rather not deal with. Scary sounds, people at the door, and unusual costumes can all frighten your pup. If you want to share Halloween with your pup in a fun way, you might be wondering, can I take my dog to the pumpkin patch?

The answer is yes, with some caveats. Not all pumpkin patches welcome dogs so you’ll need to do your research before taking your pet.


One easy way of knowing whether your local pumpkin patches allow dogs is to check Bring Fido. Bring Fido is essentially a search engine for dog friendly places. You can use them to look for dog friendly housing, vacation hotels, and even restaurants that allow dogs.

Bring Fido also works for pumpkin patches. We were able to find 3 pumpkin patches near us that are dog friendly. They also let you know if there are any specific rules you should be aware of, such as no dogs allowed in the corn maze.

If you’re struggling to get Bring Fido’s search engine to work appropriately, also does a great job with their search engine, and even lays them out on a map for you.

Follow Basic Etiquette

It goes without saying that your dog should be on leash, in a stroller, or otherwise kept under control at a pumpkin patch. This is not a time for off-leash fun! It might also be wise to keep dogs on a short flat leash, as flexi-leashes can cause burn wounds or even cuts to bystanders if suddenly and rapidly extended.

Dogs should also be polite. If you are aware that your dog is aggressive towards humans or other dogs, leave them at home.

Many farms welcome dogs with a few rules. If the farm asks you not to bring your dog into a growing field, into the shops, or into the petting zoo, listen! Some of those rules are in place to stay in compliance with health laws, and others may be there for good reason.

Finally, bring poop bags, a water bowl, and water bottles for your pet. Leaving poop all over someone’s farm is a great way to get pets banned at that location, so be sure to pick up.

What Will Your Dog Do?

Dogs have powerful noses. If your dog is fine with crowds and noisy environments, just getting the chance to sniff the thousands of new smells their way would be a good source of enrichment. Dogs who enjoy people may also get a chance to visit with friendly strangers and enjoy their time.

On the human side of things, what could be cuter than a pumpkin patch photo shoot? Bring a costume and a camera for those photos.

Finally, some pumpkin patches not only allow dogs, but have events for them! See if they have a costume contest or other dog-friendly fun.

Pumpkin patches can be a wonderful enrichment for your pet, and pumpkin is good for your pet too! Bring home a pumpkin for your pet to snack on as well as your jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

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