A chihuahua stands proudly in the middle of a stand of corn.

Autumn is full of festive events for people, but dogs sometimes fall by the wayside. Since dogs often don’t love the same things we do—creepy haunted houses or dressing up in costume for example, it’s tempting to invite our dogs to events they might like.

Since dogs would probably love the chance to sniff around a corn maze, it makes sense to take them along, but hold tight. It might not be legal.

While pumpkin patch pumpkins are often moved from the field to a place where people can purchase them, corn mazes are another story. Many farms welcome dogs to the pumpkin patch but exclude dogs from hayrides and corn mazes.

Laws May Vary

Some laws may restrict whether dogs are allowed in food producing fields. In particular, the Food Safety Modernization Act may restrict pets, including emotional support animals, from entering the fields. This depends on whether the farm has leafy greens or other vulnerable crops growing at the same time and the size of the farm.

It’s important to either ask the farm directly or check their website to make sure they allow pets on the farm. Bring your pet only if they allow them.

Most farms have strict rules about picking up after your pet and keeping them on leash. It’s important to follow these rules to help keep everyone on the farm safe.

No Spooky Corn Mazes

Not all corn mazes are simply wandering around trying to find the exit. Some corn mazes hire actors to jump out and scare maze goers. It’s a very bad idea to bring your dog to events like this. Even if it is allowed (unlikely) your dog may bite the actors thinking they are attacking.

A good scare is fun for people, but your dog didn’t sign up for it. Stick to simple corn mazes if the farm allows.

What to Bring

If the corn maze allows pets, you’ll need to bring a few things to keep your pet comfortable during the trip. Items your pet may need include:

  • Leash (ideally a flat leash and not a flexi-leash)
  • Collar with ID tags
  • Poop bags
  • Water bowl
  • Water
  • Treats

You may also want to check and see if they have a pet costume contest or pet parade, and bring costumes if your dog enjoys that sort of thing.

Will Your Dog Enjoy It?

Only bring your dog to a corn maze if you think your dog will enjoy the festivities. If your dog is social, enjoys crowds, and is safe around other pets, they are a good candidate for coming along to a corn maze. Dogs can even benefit in this case because they can get enrichment from a change of scenery.

How to Find a Corn Maze

Bring Fido is a great starting location for finding a corn maze that takes pets. If you can’t find one there, Bing.com also does a great job of finding dog-friendly events. They even have a map function that shows you where they are at.

If you find a corn maze you like, be sure to double check they allow dogs before taking your pet. It might be a disappointing drive if you find one that shows up on search, only to find out they changed the rules recently.

Have you taken your dog to a corn maze? How did they like it?

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