Candy corn treats frozen into bat and spider shapes sit on a purple draped table. A decorative pumpkin is next to them.

Sweets are a big part of Halloween, but our dogs usually can’t safely enjoy candy with us. If you’d like your pet to be able to enjoy some Halloween treats too, these cute frozen candy corn dog treats are made from just two wholesome ingredients.

We used this frozen treat recipe by K9 Kitchen, so if you’d like a printable version stop by there!

You will need:

A silicone mold

Plain Yogurt

Canned Pumpkin

How to Make Them:

Put plain yogurt in half the mold, keeping the other half as clean as you can. Put the half-filled mold in the freezer and freeze until they are solid. Take them out again and pack the other half with canned pumpkin.

Put it back in the freezer and freeze it all the way through. If you want a true candy corn look with the yellow as well, mixing a small amount of pumpkin into some yogurt will give it a yellowy look. Leave a small space for the yellow and add separately after freezing the orangey pumpkin.

 Pop them out of the mold and serve.

Chihuahua alert:

Chihuahuas are very picky eaters. We have four. Upon taste testing, 2 of them gave these courtesy licks, one asked me why I offered him frozen rocks, and one probably got a brain freeze eating it so fast. Perhaps offer a little of each on a spoon before going to the trouble of making these to see if they even like yogurt or pumpkin.

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