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If you’re looking for a fun place to take your dog in Buckley, Washington, we highly recommend Maris Farms. This working farm has something to offer seasonally, with spring flowers and baby animals in the Springtime, Sunflowers in the summer, and pumpkins in the fall.

We visited Maris Farms with our senior dog, Rocco, during their Sunflower Festival. They allow well behaved, leashed dogs, but request all dogs be checked in at their information booth.

When we arrived at the check-in booths, we were surprised to find out the thoughtful reason why. They take your name, phone number and dog breed so if your puppo gets loose on the farm they can help him find his way back.

Our dog Rocco never got loose, being a well behaved little old man, but we’re very pleased to know they’ve got his back if he does.

Bring a Water Bowl

Maris Farms allows dogs and has safety checks in place, but that doesn’t mean dogs are their main focus. Water bottles were available for sale when we arrived, but we used our own bowl for our dog. Shade is available, but we didn’t see any doggy watering holes while we were there.

Kid Friendly Entertainment

While Rocco enjoyed exploring the sunflower field and resting in the shade with one family member or another, there was lots to keep the little ones busy too. At the time of our visit there was a zip line, a cow train, a hay ride, two gigantic slides, and an obstacle course.

There was also plenty of food on hand, plenty of places to rest, and the whole farm was well staffed. We really appreciated all the fun, but it made it a tad hard for the kids to leave. Every time they finished one event, there was another right around the corner!

If you bring a pup and littles too, make sure you also bring a friend to hold the dogs while supervising the kiddos. Dogs are obviously not going to be able to go on the rides, and you’ll want supervision for your kids.

A Tail Wagging Good Time!

We give this event four paws up. We loved how dog-friendly they were. We also loved how they managed to be both kid and adult friendly at the same time. This is a very fun farm to visit, and your dog will definitely have a good time.

If you visit, please remember to pick up after your pet. Poop bags are available at the information desk. If you don’t pick up, it’s possible they won’t be so dog friendly next year. We all need to do our part to be responsible dog owners so it remains open for everyone.

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