We’ve shared a ton of dog treat recipes, but let’s face it. Sometimes, you want to give your dog a spooky treat without actually having to bake it. We found these Halloween Themed Dog Treats you can order directly off of Chewy or Amazon, no baking required.

Blue Buffalo Boo Bits

These bite sized snacks are made with chicken as the first ingredient, and also have Fish Oil and Flaxseed for healthy doses of DHA and EPA. The treats come in fun shapes for the humans, including ghost, pumpkin, and bats.

If you are watching grains in your dogs know they are also made with oatmeal and rice, but no wheat or corn.

These are soft treats, which are a perfect option for chihuahuas with dental problems. We couldn’t find the Boo Bits on Amazon, but they are available on Chewy.com

If your dog is allergic to chicken, or just prefers a crunchier snack, Blue Buffalo offers a cinnamon and pumpkin flavored treat in the same shapes. Chewy/Amazon

WHIMZEES by Wellness Halloween Dental Chews

These dental sticks are adorable! A glance from the side makes you think they’re just a typical dental stick, but when you look at them from the top you can see they have a leaf and pumpkin shape!

Of course, your dog doesn’t care about the shape, but they will love the chew. We were a little concerned about recommending them because they appear to have no flavor at all (literally potato starch, glycerin, and a whole bunch of healthy ingredients.)

When we snooped the comments from tons of different customers though, we found that most dogs loved it. Their only complaint was that the sizing seems smaller than the non-seasonal version. If you have a tiny dog already, this is no problem, but something to be aware of. Chewy/Amazon

Greenies Scary Berry

Greenies has also gotten in the Halloween spirit. These chews are in a tasty blueberry flavor. Customers mostly reported that their dogs loved them, and though they don’t look different from the regular kind, the packaging is a cute Halloween theme.

Lots of customers stock up on these because they’re one of the few treats that smell good while the dog is chewing them. Take that, bully stick! Chewy/Amazonhttps://www.chewy.com/greenies-scary-berry-blueberry-flavor/dp/255290

Barkworthies Ghouly Bites

 These single ingredient dog treats are packed with protein, and are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Because these are very natural treats, they aren’t cut into fun shapes, but they will no doubt please your pet as much or more than these other treats.

These would also be awesome for giveaway treats at the door. You can get Halloween themed paper bags to put them in and give a few out to each canine trick-or-treater that comes by your door. We only found these on Amazon.

Bocces Bakery Ghost Bites

Bocces Bakery is well known for making healthy snacks that are delightful to your pets. They have two Halloween themed treats, Banana and Scream, and their Ghost Bites. Our dogs are personally not fruitivores, but they do enjoy cream cheese in their foods which is why we’re focusing on the Ghost Bites.

The creators of these treats didn’t change up their signature “B” shaped treats for Halloween themed shapes, but they do have cute Halloween themed packaging. The treats are limited ingredient, just like all of their other flavors, and include just cream cheese, pumpkin, oat flour and cinnamon.

If you don’t want to bake at home, this is probably the closest you can come to fresh baked treats without visiting a local bakery. We only found these on Amazon.

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