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As November rolls onward, it’s getting close to time for Thanksgiving. Many of us will be passing out small bites of turkey, green beans and sweet potato to our pups. If you’re steadfast that dogs should never receive human food however, what do you give your pup?

We’ve scowered the internet for some of the best Thanksgiving day dog treats available. These treats are sure to please your pup, while helping you reduce begging by letting them know there is nothing on the table for them. (We’re staunchly in the human food is okay camp, so we’ll be giving out that turkey—but no begging please.)

Charlee Bear Natural Bear Crunch Grain-Free Turkey, Sweet Potato & Cranberry Dog Treats

These treats have been my go-to recommendation for decades when ever someone mentions their pup is on a diet. At just three calories a treat, they’re not going to expand your pups waistline if you feel like giving them a snack.

Most dogs love these treats, but chihuahuas can be especially picky. We recommend only purchasing one bag even if they are on sale, so if your pup isn’t a fan you’re not out a ton of money. Chewy/Amazon

Sojos Simply Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

If my dogs could vote, this would be the treat they take home. They are big fans of meat and love the texture and softness of freeze-dried foods. This is also a great treat for dogs who have allergies, or who are on a grain-free diet.

If you don’t care that it’s not Thanksgiving themed, sojos has these single ingredient treats in a variety of different flavors, so your pup won’t feel left out if he’s allergic to poultry. Chewy/Amazon

Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain-Free Small Breed Wet Dog Food Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner

This isn’t a treat per se, but makes a perfect treat meal for your pet on Thanksgiving. These tiny 3.5 ounce cups of food are just big enough to give your pup a taste of Thanksgiving without the hurt belly that comes with too much holiday food.

This cup of food includes deboned turkey, chicken, sweet potatoes, and carrots in it. Reading the ingredients, it sounds like a full holiday feast all in a cup, but it’s also nutritionally complete for your pet’s optimum health. Chewy/Amazon

Plato Real Strips Turkey with Cranberry Grain-Free Dog Treats, 3-oz bag

These turkey and cranberry treats are soft chews, which are perfect for dogs with dental issues. If your pup has very few teeth like my Leia does, these treats can be crumbled into smaller bites. These snacks are grain-free, have zero fillers, and are air dried to preserve nutrients.

If your pup is on the bigger side and needs to watch their weight, you can break these up to give smaller portions as well as for making it more manageable for the toothless pups. Chewy/Amazon

Nature’s Diet Turkey Heart Raw Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, 4-oz pouch

While we already have one freeze-dried treat on the list, our dogs are big fans of freeze-dried single ingredient treats, so here’s one final one to finish our round up. These are just the hearts of the turkey, freeze dried into manageable bites.

These are also made in the USA, so if you’re concerned about contaminants from countries with less oversight on food safety, these are good treats to have. Available on Chewy.

That’s our round up on Thanksgiving treats! We loved all of these, but it’s still just fine to give your pet small bites of plain turkey breast (closest to the bone to avoid seasoning and excess salt) plain green beans, or plain sweet potato directly from your Thanksgiving scraps.

As an alternative, if your dog is on a diet, you can also give out a Thanksgiving toy instead. Check out our round up here.

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