dog shaming book and a chihuahua with a halo.

This book made me crook my eyebrow when I pulled it out of my pile of all the dog library books at my library. The majority of the books are either dog care of some kind, or dog memoirs. This book is about dog shaming.

If you don’t know, dog shaming is where you hang a sign on a dogs neck explaining what they did wrong, and snap a photo of their very guilty faces.

Although I felt very sorry for the dogs—they’d clearly forgot what it was, exactly, they’d done wrong, the signs are hilarious. The dogs have been found guilty of everything from eating their own feces, to swiping human food.

It’s a very quick read, but definitely an enjoyable romp and a relief after reading a tear jerker and the rather alarming book with outdated facts. If you just want to laugh at very guilty looking dogs and what they’ve done to their owners, this is a great book. Maybe even the perfect coffee table book, if you have a small coffee table.

There’s not much more to say about this book since it’s essentially a collection of memes, but if you need a laugh, get this book!

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