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At 72 pages, 101 Essential Dog Care Tips is probably the smallest book I checked out from the library. If you are completely inexperienced with dogs and are just looking for a cursory overview, this book is a real gem. Flipping through the pages, I even found a fact or two I didn’t know about—and I read a lot of dog books.

The book is framed in 101 paragraph long facts about dogs. It covers everything from potty training and grooming to dog sports and breeding. The book has a lot of reference photos and is written simply enough that an older child would have no problems understanding it.

In my last review, I wrote about the rather alarming book, “The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Living With Your Dog,” which contained a lot of outdated information. This book would be the perfect replacement for that book if you are a raw beginner just trying to get a feel for dog ownership.

Not An In-Depth Guide

This book is a “pocket guide” which means it is a very simple, brief reference guide. If you see something of interest, you’ll want to research it online as the book isn’t going to go into detail. Some readers who have reviewed the book didn’t like that, but it wouldn’t be a pocket reference if it was any bigger.

The book is accurate, informative, and keeps to the facts. I truly enjoyed this guide. If you’re looking for a great general guide on dogs, this is a perfect book to dip your toes in with.

This book was part of my reading challenge, where I read all the dog books in my local library. It’s the second book I read, and though there wasn’t anything life altering for me and my dogs in the book, it was very enjoyable.

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