A turkey toy with 5 ingredient shaped toys to stuff inside.

Thanksgiving is getting closer! It’s the time of year to start swapping out summer decorations for fall ones, and to swap out summer t-shirts for warm and cozy sweaters. It’s also a great time to spruce up your dog’s toy collection with some fun new Thanksgiving dog toys.

Why get your dog seasonal toys? Dogs get bored of old toys just like children do, but you can help refresh them again by rotating through toys. By giving them toys for the different seasons, you can help keep track of when to rotate them out so they’re always fresh and new for your dog.

Let’s look at 5 amazing Thanksgiving themed dog toys for every type of dog.

Tuffy’s Jr. Barnyard Turkey

This turkey is a bit large for chihuahuas (about 13″ tall) but if you have a tough chewer it’s a great choice. This is a very durable toy with a squeaky inside. It will hold up to even your toughest player. If you have a bigger dog, they actually have a turkey that’s even bigger! Available on Chewy/Amazon.

Frisco Fall Autumn Tree

Dogs are predators at heart. That’s why squeaky toys are so appealing to them–it sounds like a dying animal. While we might not like thinking of our pups as tiny predators, neglecting their need to express their predatory instincts is harmful to their mental health.

Luckily, toy companies are getting better at finding new ways to give dogs a chance to (safely) express their predatory needs. This fall autumn tree is cute, but it’s also gives dogs the chance to rip and tear, a predatory stimulus they often get yelled at for.

Your dog can RIIIIIIP each squeaky leaf off the tree as many times as they want to. There’s also crinkly texture and seven squeakers throughout the toy set.

Your pup will delight in this toy, and it might spare that forgotten tissue on the floor the same treatment. Available on Chewy.

FRISCO Fall Farm House Toy

This is another fun toy that lets dogs express their predatory nature. This time, they have to extract their squeaky toys from their hideout! We have the squirrel-in-the-log toy, and the dogs played with it so much they flattened the log. We may have to get this cute fall farmhouse to replace it with. Available on Chewy.

Turkey Hideaway Toy

Here’s another hideaway, which might make a fun conversation piece for Thanksgiving day! The squeaky toys are all thanksgiving feast themed, hidden away in a big turkey toy for the pets to pull out. On top of this, the turkey wings and legs can rip off and reattach with velcro fasteners and are also toys.

This is a great bargain because you get the ripping action of the autumn leaf toy, and the destuffing of the farmhouse toy. It’s a generally great toy for our tiny predators. Available on Amazon.

FRISCO Fall Festive Candle Toy

One more fall ripper toy! These toys rip off the plate ,squeak, and have delightful little strings for dogs to bite on and pull. If your dog likes bits to tug on and isn’t at risk for chewing and swallowing pieces, these toys are great. Available on chewy.

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