Dog puts foot on book Saving Sadie.

Do not under any circumstances bring Saving Sadie to a public event as your choice of reading. You will have to explain to every wandering passerby why you are sniffling into your 57th tissue, and it will force you to take your eyes off the book.

Saving Sadie is about a lady whose life was changed forever when she wandered into a local animal shelter, intent on dropping off some blankets to help the animals. On her way out the door, she saw a volunteer sitting with a dog that was paralyzed, filthy, and ready to die.

Joel took pity on the dog and took it to get evaluated by a vet. She had no intentions of keeping the dog, or doing any more than finding out if it could be treated. What she found out was horrifying. Sadie had been shot in the head and back and then left to die.

Riveting Tale of Healing

Sadie’s story of learning to walk again kept me riveted to the very end. Joel does a good job of not only building tension as she made an effort to save this dog, but also doesn’t hold back with the pain of her family dynamics.

Although one of her children was supporting of her trying to help this dog, two of them did not. Their family tension is woven through the book as Joel continues to try and save Sadie.

Eventually, Joel realizes that getting Sadie to walk again might not be as important as making sure she is happy, healthy and enjoying life. Joel discovers that people who have been bullied or treated badly because they are different were profoundly moved by Sadie’s plight.

She decided to use Sadie as a demonstration dog in schools and other places. She would tell Sadie’s story to help people learn to accept people with special needs, and to help end bullying.

Saving Sadie Continues

The story closed in 2017, but I checked up on the Facebook page after reading it. She died in early 2023. Joel is now caring for a new dog that needed someone badly—Mr. Boots. Mr. Boots is a dog who had his back feet cut off at just 6 weeks old.

Joel continues her work with this amazing dog, and it’s truly heart warming to see this.

If you want to read a beautiful story of hope and healing, read this book. (Affiliate link) Make sure you get some tissues first. It’s also a very emotional ride.

I read this book for my reading challenge, where I read every book in the dog section of my library. This isn’t ordinarily a book I would have picked up, but I’m very glad I read it.

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