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Travels with Casey is the only book in my reading challenge that had me up past midnight, telling myself silly little lies like, “Just one more chapter.” Benoit Denizet-Lewis has such an engaging writing style that he probably could have written about dryer lint and I’d have still been interested.

Luckily, this book isn’t about dryer lint. It’s about him trying to bond with his dog, Casey, while traveling through 32 states. At every stop he meets dog owners around the USA, as well as important people in the dog industry. He rubs elbows with Cesar Millan, interviews the founder of PETA, and even drops by the Thundershirt Headquarters.

Although he met some very important people on the trip, it’s mainly all about the dogs. Here, Benoit can be almost brutal as he takes us to the euthanasia rooms of a high kill shelter and struggles to figure out if his dog loves him—or whether he loves his own dog.

The tension kept throughout the book helps carry us along the story swiftly and beautifully, with each page revealing a new adventure.

I thought Saving Sadie was going to be my number one favorite memoir, but after reading Travels with Casey, I’ve come to realize there’s room on my shelf for more than one favorite.

This is yet another book I probably never would have picked up if it hadn’t been for this reading challenge. I’m so grateful to have read it, and to have learned so much about dogs, dog ownership, and the bond between human and animal from this book.

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