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Wonderdog is a well written book cataloging dog research across the ages. The book is written for an adult audience and might be best read with a notebook alongside so you can jot down names and study papers of interest.

This book is definitely not for everyone. Jules Howard is gentle with his readers and advises those of a sensitive nature to skip certain paragraphs, but my—scientists were awful to dogs in the beginning of the scientific era.

Our story and lives have changed.  We now have ethics boards for science, and cruel experiments are no longer allowed.

I was horrified by the beginning of this book, but really enjoyed the science and research created after the concept of ethics reached the scientific world. It’s amazing how much we know about the canine brain, and how surprisingly humanlike they can be.

This book isn’t about humanizing dogs of course, but rather revealing deeply their true canine spirit. Although I enjoyed almost all of the books I checked out, this is probably the only one I will be bringing home to stay in my personal library.

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