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Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For those in the USA, that means gathering around the table to celebrate the things we are thankful for. It’s also a time for guests, tons of food, and hanging out with our furry friends too. Before you invite your family to a delicious turkey dinner though, please read these Thanksgiving safety tips for chihuahuas.

Give Your Pet Space

Chihuahuas are notoriously clannish, and may only truly bond to one or two people. Imagine their surprise then, when you invite half a dozen family members, including the kid with the grabby hands and that one uncle who likes to corner them and yell, “Meow!” in their face. This is at best stressful for your pet, and at worst may end the day with a few well deserved stitches for your family members.

You can avoid this whole scenario by giving your pet a safe space to escape to. For my dogs, this is a kennel. We let guests know that if the dogs are in the kennel, they are not to be disturbed. Sometimes this takes a bit of enforcement.

If you know your pet does not like company, you may want to simply lock them in the bedroom so they don’t have to see your company, and your company can’t barge in without your consent.

Keep ID On

With so much coming and going, it may be easier than usual for your pet to skate past your guests and get out the front door or gate. Making sure your dog is wearing a collar with up to date identification on it is a good way to make sure they come home. Up to date microchip information can also be helpful, in the event your pet is able to slip out of their collar.

No Turkey Bones

Cooked turkey bones are very dangerous for your pet. They are brittle and can shatter into sharp splinters when your pet crunches on them. Those sharp splinters can then impale your pet’s gut, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital. According to the AKC, it’s okay to give your pet plain turkey meat, unseasoned green beans, sweet potatoes or pumpkin from the table.

Avoid feeding your pet anything with chocolate in it, onions, heavy seasoning, fatty foods, or alcohol. These things may cause upset tummy or worse for your pet. Raw bread dough should also be avoided. Although it seems like it is made from harmless ingredients, the yeast can convert to alcohol in your dog’s stomach, causing both gas and drunkenness at the same time. This can be life threatening for your pet.

Keep Decorations Out of Reach

One final danger is the decorations you choose to use. Make sure your dog is unable to access and knock over candles, or chew on any decorations that they could ingest pieces of. If you’re using a floral display, be aware that Autumn crocus, Chrysanthemum and acorns from oak trees are toxic to your dog and may cause them harm if they chew them.

Thanksgiving should be a time spent together with family. Avoid spending it at the Emergency Vet by following these safety tips. Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have a safety tip to add? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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