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Last month, we wrote this article on clothing for Chihuahuas, posted it on our social media pages, and thought no more of it. To this day, we’re not 100% sure why it looked like we had puppies for sale, but that is clearly what readers thought.

We had an overwhelming number of messages asking us how much our puppies cost. To be perfectly clear: We don’t sell puppies. All Things Chihuahua is for people who already own and love their dogs. We focus on training, grooming, and lifestyle articles related to chihuahua ownership.

The good news is, we were able to refer many people to shelters and rescues near them that had chihuahuas available. Several dogs in need of homes are now snuggled in a loving lap thanks to these connections. We want to make sure everyone else has this opportunity too, so here’s how you can connect with a chihuahua in need.

Try searching on petfinder

Petfinder is a website that features hundreds of dogs in need of adoption on their website. Think of it as a search engine for dogs in need. You can search by breed, age, color and how close a puppy is to your home. Once you find a puppy, there’s a purple box on the right side that says, “Start your inquiry.”

You’ll need to make an account on petfinder and fill it in with your basic information. The inquiry allows you to fill out a form to see if you are a suitable home for the puppy. The foster of the puppy will take a look at your application, and make sure you meet all the needs the puppy has.

Some dogs aren’t suitable for family homes, or do better with a male or female owner. An elderly senior dog might need a quiet retirement home, while an excited young dog might need long walks. The inquiry helps sort out whether you are the right person for that pet.

Other locations to adopt a chihuahua

Petfinder is the largest source of pets available for adoption, but there may also be a breed specific rescue near you. Try doing a search for ‘Chihuahua rescue near me’ and see what comes up. You can also call your local humane society, let them know you are looking for a chihuahua, and get called when a likely dog comes in.

It’s possible that petfinder will show you chihuahua mixes as well, so if you’re after a purebred, it may be best to research a breed specific rescue.

It takes time

Most pet adoption is volunteer based. The puppy is staying with a volunteer who keeps it in their private family home so it can have as normal a life as possible. Please respect this and give them a chance to arrange a time to visit with a potential pet.

If your application is rejected for what ever reason, it’s safe to try again. Rescues are careful to make sure each dog has the best possible chance at success, which means considering a lot of different factors. Just because you are a poor match for one dog, doesn’t mean you will be a poor match for a different one.

Can’t wait to find a puppy?

I’ll be making a separate post about this later, but I wanted to share with my fellow chihuahua lovers a game I played when I was still wishing I had a dog. Furry-paws is a pet simulator (mostly text based) where you breed, train and show your own virtual dogs.

If you use this link to sign up, I can help you get started in the game. (It will also help me win a referral prize!)

Furry-Paws.com: Your virtual dog could be the next champion!

If you can’t wait for a puppy, the digital version can help you cope until you can get a real little pup to love. 🙂

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