A bunch of chihuahuas and mixes race on green astro turf.

Washington, DC – The Wharf is hosting the 11th Annual Chihuahua Races, starting at 2:15PM on a 60 foot racetrack. Over 150 chihuahuas will race, in groups of 8, with pet-friendly gifts and prizes for the winners. The Running of the Chihuahuas benefits Rural Dog Rescue, which is a non-profit organization that helps dogs in need.

Watching the races is free! Chihuahuas enter through Eventbrite, but due to the popularity of the event, racing slots are completely sold out. This is great news for Rural Dog Rescue, because all of the entry fees are given to them to help fund their cause.

Don’t Have A Chihuahua?

While only Chihuahuas are permitted to run in the Running of the Chihuahuas, there’s an all-breed costume contest that welcomes every pooch. Dogs are also welcome in all outdoor areas. There is also a pet photo booth, where you can take pictures with your furry friend to commemorate the occasion.

If you don’t have a dog at all and are looking for one, there will be an Adoptable Dog Parade at the Wharf as well. Watch the parade and see if there’s someone special who wants to go home with you! You can get more details about the Running of the Chihuahuas on the Wharf’s webpage.

Picture Courtesy of The Wharf, Washington, DC

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