A very pudgy chihuahua puppy.

We recently got a request for name ideas for a new chihuahua. A great name is super important for your new pet for a number of reasons. You want your pet to have a clear name they can respond to, but also, if you name your dog something very common it may be confusing at the vet or groomers.

We are always happy to help if you need a unique name for your chihuahua, but if you can’t wait for a reply to your comment or on our facebook page, we’ve set up a name generator to give you ideas.

Best Boy Name Ideas

Just click the word “Generate” above to get a great boy name for your puppy. There’s currently over 50 names in the generator, so if you don’t like a name keep trying! Feel free to suggest your own favorite name in the comments below. If it’s not in there, we’ll add it!

Best Girl Chihuahua Names

Again, just press “Generate” until you find a name you like! There’s many names in the generator, so you can keep clicking until you find one that works for you.

Tips for picking a good name for your chihuahua

It’s okay if you don’t have a name for your pet right away. Your dog has its own unique personality, and they may not be obvious right away. If your dog is shy and fearful, giving it a bold name like “Tank” may end up sounding like a prank later.

Another tip is to avoid common names. Names like “Bella” are extremely popular, but these can pose problems at the vet and groomer–especially if you have a common last name. The odds are good if you bring Bella to the groomers, you’ll be specifying which Bella for the rest of their life.

Keep your pet’s name short, so your chihuahua finds it easy to understand. Long names only confuse pets, and they may struggle to learn their new name.

Don’t be afraid to test it out. You may not realize a certain name is embarrassing for you until you are yelling it out the door at the top of your lungs.

You’ll know when the right name comes to you. Your pet’s ears will perk, their tail will wag, and they’ll be glad you found just the right name.

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