Tank eats his birthday cake.

Your dog is there for you all year round. When it comes time for your beloved chihuahua’s birthday, it’s natural to want to do something special for them. Although your chihuahua probably has no idea what a birthday is or why you’re doing these things, there is no doubt they’ll love a little extra attention.

The trick is to make sure that when you are celebrating your chihuahua’s birthday, you’re doing things that they love. This is not the time to treat your dog to a ‘spa day’ and ship him off to the groomers so you can feel good about giving your dog an expensive present. Most dogs don’t like grooming!

If your dog doesn’t care for strange dogs or people, throwing him a birthday party with unfamiliar dog guests and people will be a day he remembers as a terrible one. Instead, here’s a few fun ideas popular with my chihuahuas.

chihuahua searching for treats

In this game, you will spread treats out either around your home or in the front yard/backyard for your dog to find. We put colored plastic balls near each treat to make sure Tank got them all during his treat run. He had a marvelous time sniffing around searching for treats!

Even after the treats were done, he used his nose to smell all over the yard just in case he missed something.

chihuahua enjoying his birthday at the park

 Park Trip

Most dogs love going for car rides and visiting the park! We specifically chose an on-leash only park because while Tank loves going out, he doesn’t enjoy visiting people or pets. He had a great time sniffing around the park, exploring, and even got to see horses! Although Tank isn’t wild about dogs or people, he did enjoy watching horses from a distance.

If your dog doesn’t love car rides, remember what he loves comes first. It’s your chihuahua’s birthday after all, not yours. It’s better for them to have a good day playing fetch in the backyard than a bad one getting sick in the car.

sleepy chihuahua


Tank enjoys snuggling up with his family (both furry and two-legged) so much that this appears twice on his party list. When he was younger Tank didn’t like snuggling, but now he even bonks his head under a hand to get more pets. We indulged his love for snuggles on his birthday, and gave him lots of extra attention.

chihuahua running through a rainbow tunnel.

Obstacle Course

Our dogs love to play in tunnels so much that when we set up our daughter’s ball pit and tunnel system, they often play too. We set up the system just for him this time and let him bomb through tunnels, leap through tents and wade in the ball pit to his heart’s content.

You might not have a tunnel system to play in, but if you know your dog likes to jump or run you can make up a course that suits them.

chihuahua licking birthday cake

Birthday cake

My dogs aren’t wild about bread type treats or biscuits, but they loved this pumpkin cake recipe. We added a bit more pumpkin than the recipe called for due to it coming out dryer than expected. It baked up fantastic!

My dogs, who don’t love peanut butter, apparently love peanut butter and Greek yogurt frosting. Everyone carried their slice of cake off to various beds to eat it and licked up every crumb.

chihuahua sitting next to a birthday hat

Photo Shoot!

Although your bestie might not be wild about photos, they’re important memories for you. We did a simple black backdrop for our dog and let him lick frosting and pose beside a hat. Tank enjoyed licking the frosting but was too excited about his day to enjoy the poses as much as he normally does.

We still love our pictures, and as time goes by we can look back at his photos warmly.

Want to copy our birthday party? Here’s the checklist, in black and white for easy printing.

Party Schedule:
Treat Search
Go to the park
Obstacle Course
Birthday Cake
Photo Shoot
Extra Cuddles

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