Rudy Armstrong clutches Bubu in a heartfelt reunion.

Chihuahuas are a fascinating breed. They can be yappy. They can be nippy. They can also forget they need to go potty outside the house. It turns out they can also save lives. These 10 chihuahua heroes and chihuahua mixes have proven they have what it takes to save the lives of their masters–and sometimes other animals.

Chihuahua mothers a puppy the same size as she is.
MacKenzie tending to her latest “Child.” – Photo courtesy of the Mia Foundation

10. MacKenzie

Weighing in at just 4 pounds, MacKenzie has been voted the United State’s most heroic dog by the Humane Society. MacKenzie has helped save the life of hundreds of animals who could not be with their own mother due to medical issues.

Although their mothers can’t be with them, these orphans find a new mom in MacKenzie. She treats any orphan brought to her like her own child. She helps to keep them clean, cuddles them, and helps them learn how to interact with others.

MacKenzie is no stranger to the struggles her charges tend to face. She herself was born with a cleft palate and spent her first year struggling to live.

Thankfully, she did survive and has mothered a wide range of animals including puppies, kittens, mice and even a turkey.

A burned out house.

9. Chloe

When a family went to sleep in their Washington home, they had no idea the danger they would face that night. An early morning fire that started in their garage quickly filled the whole home with smoke. No one noticed the fire except for little Chloe, a 5-pound chihuahua.

Chloe alerted the family to the fire by barking until everyone was awake. They crawled out the door to avoid the smoke, but Chloe wasn’t able to follow them. The house collapsed on her before she could also make it to safety.

Fortunately, her story has a happy ending. Firefighters were able to dig through the rubble and find Chloe alive.

Bubu with owner in wheelchair.
Photo Courtesty of CarolinaEast Health System

8. Bubu

It was just another day at the docks for Rudy Armstrong, an 86-year-old veteran. Rudy lived there on his houseboat, spending most of his days watching TV with his dog Bubu. Rudy sat down for his usual morning cup of coffee before blacking out unexpectedly. He woke up hours later, unsure of what happened.

Unable to call for help, it was all up to Bubu. Rudy stroked his dog’s head and told the little dog to go get help. He’d never trained Bubu, then just a year and a half, to do that kind of work. He didn’t know what Bubu would do at all.

Bubu understood the assignment. She rushed to find the Dockmaster, Kim. When Kim asked Bubu where her owner was, Bubu only laid down—unusual behavior for the dog.

Kim knew something was up. She rushed to the houseboat where she found Rudy. She was able to call paramedics and get lifesaving help for him.

A mountain lion.

7. Lady

When the Haven’s family adopted Lady, a goofy Chihuahua-Pitbull mix, they just thought they were getting a family pet. Lady quickly settled in, doting on the children, and keeping them from harm.

Their lives were upended one day when the children were playing outside. The children’s father was nearby watching the car. Lady was watching the children play.

What they didn’t see was a mountain lion slinking along the fence line. It was stalking the children. Lady spied the mountain lion first. She barked ferociously to alert the parents to the mountain lion, who quickly rushed to get the kids to safety.

Unfortunately, Lady died protecting her family. The mountain lion attacked Lady instead. Lady survived the initial attack but died of her injuries.

Snowee snuggled with owner.
Picture Courtesy of Chehala Moore

6. Snowee
On December 6th, 2012 a dog named Snow was given a second chance at a home. A mother and daughter were looking for a very special pet. They needed a dog that would be calm with the daughter Chehala, who was legally blind.

Although they liked Snow, they didn’t know if she would work out. They decided to bring her to their home for a trial. The young chihuahua loved Chehala, but it remained to be seen whether she would ultimately be returned to the shelter.

4 days later, Snow woke them in the middle of the night with loud barking. Confused, they realized they both felt ill. The mother called an ambulance because they both felt so sick. Doctors later found they were suffering from Carbon Monoxide poisoning and would never have woken up had it not been for Snow.

The family decided to keep Snow and rename her Snowee. She was adopted on December 13th, three days after saving their lives.

Picture Courtesy of Tess Robison

5. Lola

Heroics aren’t all yapping at danger or running to get help. Sometimes heroics can happen in the most surprising ways. Lola saved her owners life quite accidentally, by simply hopping into her owner’s lap.

Tess Robinson had been suffering from bowel pain off and on frequently but had dismissed the pain as a food intolerance. As she was laying on the couch suffering from a particularly bad bout of pain, her chihuahua decided to jump in her lap.

The pain where Lola hit was excruciating, but that moment saved Tess’s life. The bounce revealed a lump in Tess’s stomach, which scared her enough to seek treatment.

Tess underwent a 12 hour surgery to perform a complete hysterectomy, where it was found the cancer had spread to her bowels. Fortunately, treatment was successful. Her community also rallied around her, with Band of Builders helping her set up an outdoor patio to help her relax while she recovered.

Thanks to Lola, Tess Robinson has a new lease on life, and is taking advantage of every moment life has to offer along with her dog.

4. Sassy

When Marie Alexander adopted her chihuahua from the shelter, she never expected the dog to be so loyal. The little dog adores her 94-year-old owner, sitting in her lap and following her everywhere. This strong bond ended up saving Marie’s life.

The incident happened when Marie went out to check the mail, with Sassy following close behind as always. As she was leaving the mailbox, her foot caught on one of the flagstones and caused her to fall. Marie hit her head and was unable to get up.

Sassy stayed by Marie’s side for five hours. She would lick Marie’s face and snuggle her when no one was there, leaving only to attempt to run down passing cars.

It wasn’t until a stranger passed by the fence that Sassy was finally able to get help. A normally quiet dog, she ran to the fence barking to get the person’s attention. They saw Marie lying in the grass, and quickly came to help.

Marie was taken to the hospital for bruised ribs and severe dehydration but was able to make a full recovery. She is now back home where she belongs, with her beloved Sassy on her lap.

A rattle snake.

3. Zoey
Young children are still learning about the world. What an adult may instantly see as dangerous, a child may simply see as a novel new plaything. Fortunately for one-year-old Booker West, his grandparent’s chihuahua was there when he ran into danger.

Booker was playing in his grandparent’s bird bath, splashing in the water while her grandfather watched. What grandpa didn’t see however, was a rattlesnake coiled up and ready to strike.

While the baby didn’t understand the danger—and grandpa couldn’t see it from the deck, Zoey understood. She got between the baby and the rattlesnake, taking a snakebite to the face in order to save the child.

Grandpa quickly killed the snake and rushed Zoey to the veterinarian, where she very nearly didn’t make it. Fortunately, she made a full recovery.

2. Honey

When 8-year-old Jenna Desrochers went outside to help her neighbor pick up golf balls in the grass, she had no idea this innocent activity would almost be her last. The neighbor’s pitbull got past a gate and attacked Jenna.

The dog grabbed her head and sunk its teeth into her forehead. That’s when her grandmother’s dog, a tiny chihuahua named Honey, rushed out of her own yard and charged the pitbull.

She was able to distract the attacking dog long enough for the owner of the pitbull to get a hold of it and get it away from the child. Thanks to Honey, Jenna survived the attack. She required over 100 stitches to repair the damage and may need reconstructive surgery later.

Fortunately, she will be alive to get those surgeries, thanks to a bold little Chihuahua named Honey.

A snake.

1. Pockets

The final hero in our round-up saved their family not once, but twice. The first time Pockets helped her family by saving her mom. Pockets suddenly woke her owner Martina by barking crazily and jumping on her. When Martina woke up, she realized something was wrong.

Martina couldn’t seem to hear or understand properly. She tried to make it down the hallway but found she couldn’t answer her husband asking if she was okay. Martina’s husband, Robert, realized she was in trouble and took her to the ER. It turns out, Martina was having a stroke.

According to the doctors, Martina would never have woken up from her stroke if it had not been for Pockets.

This alone is heroic enough as it is, but three years later Pockets would act again. This time, Martina’s grandchild was out in the yard when a rattlesnake approached the baby.

Pockets jumped in front of the rattlesnake to protect the baby and was bitten in the process. Unfortunately, Pockets died instantly from the venom. Everyone in the family is grateful for the wonderful dog that protected their family again and again.

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