A chihuahua wildly plays with several christmas ornaments against a white backdrop.

As you can probably guess from my blog, I am a major chihuahua fan. When someone gets me a new leash for my dogs or a cool new toy for them, I am just as excited as if it is for myself! If you have a chihuahua fan in your life and are looking for a cool gift idea, here are the best Christmas gifts for chihuahua lovers from a real chihuahua fan.

Chihuahua Sticky Notepad

I am a writer as well as a chihuahua lover, and getting notebooks is always exciting for me! This sticky notepad is set up so you can use it for grocery lists, household chores, or other things you need to check off. The fact that it’s sticky means you can leave it on the fridge or wall as a note of what you need to get done.

At just $8.99 it’s also relatively inexpensive, which means it’s nice for coworkers, as a stocking stuffer, etc.

Chihuahua Throw

Unless you live in Australia, Christmas is a chilly time of year. What better gift than a warm and snuggly blanket both you and your chihuahua will appreciate? This chihuahua themed blanket has mellow colors that will blend into any house, while also proudly showing off your love for your dog.

Chihuahua T-Shirt

I have 4 chihuahuas, so I found this chihuahua shirt hilarious! This is perfect for the chihuahua lover who has more than one chihuahua. I’ll be honest with you, after laughing at this shirt I bought myself one instead of adding it to my Christmas list. It’s too funny! 😉

Chihuahua Tumbler

With bringing your own cup to the coffee shop becoming an Earth friendly trend, it makes sense to buy something cute. This chihuahua tumbler comes with a metal straw and is gorgeous in rose gold. This is a great gift for chihuahua fans, especially if they are Eco conscious.

Dog Glitter Pillow

Shedding is a common problem with all dogs, but most dog people don’t mind. A fun way of referring to all that hair bedecking everything is to call it dog glitter. This pillow says it all, on top of identifying it as chihuahua glitter!

As a certified chihuahua lover, these were my favorites! I hope you find them helpful picking something out for a chihuahua lover in your life.

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