All Things Chihuahua is about grooming, training and caring for your chihuahua. Did you know that we also do cute and funny chihuahua videos though?

It all began when our eldest chihuahua turned 12, and could no longer do training videos due to his arthritis. We thought he would enjoy retirement, but he actually pined away at the door when we were working other dogs, wondering why he didn’t get a turn.

We created our first cute chihuahua video so he could be back in front of the camera, without anything that might hurt his joints. He loved it! So did everyone else. Our first video got 40,000 views, so we decided to keep doing them to entertain our fans as well. Here’s the 6 videos we have made so far!

Happy Halloween

Rocco discovers that his owner is out of candy! He decides to help by loading it back up with everything yummy according to dogs. Although he thinks his choice is amazing, the trick-or-treaters are less excited about his selection.

This one was our first one. We’ve definitely improved from there, but I sure do appreciate how much work Rocco put into it, and how much he enjoyed it.

The Christmas Bath

After Rocco’s first video was so popular, we decided to make a second holiday one. The Christmas Bath was even more popular than the first one! In this one Rocco tries to avoid getting the inevitable holiday bath.

The Case of the Missing Sock

Sandy’s sock is missing! What ever shall she do? Hire detective Rocco to find it! Rocco searches everywhere for the missing sock, but will he find it?

This one was special because it is the only one Sandy Pawz has directly starred in. Sandy is very shy, and seldom chooses to participate. She loves socks more than she hates the camera though, so she made an exception this time.

The Princess Story

In this video Rocco plays a knight helping to rescue a princess after jester Tank accidentally summons a dragon. This was probably Rocco’s favorite video because he loves ball pits and tunnels more than anything else in the world—besides the camera of course.

Easter Video

Rocco can’t find any Easter eggs! This Easter Egg Hunt is a real bust for him until Leia decides to share some of her massive hoard. She dawns her Easter Bunny ears and gets to work hiding eggs for him to find.

The Eating Time

This is the only one Rocco doesn’t star in. Leia is so cute about her excitement when dinner time approaches I wanted to share a slightly exaggerated version of how she acts. This is also my favorite of all of them.

Did you like our cute and funny chihuahua videos? Which one is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below!

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