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When we brought our first chihuahua home, I told myself he was only going to eat what I set out for him and that’s it! I still like to laugh a little bit about that naivete. Rocco isn’t even our pickiest dog, and yet it turns out that if a treat or food does not meet his standards, it’s not getting eaten.

With four picky dogs who are all picky about different things, it’s very hard to find treats or foods they will all eat. I don’t want to have four bags of treats lying around because each one has their own likes and dislikes, so we stick to those few rare gems everyone likes.

“Full Moon” dog treats are liked universally by our dogs. I was first introduced to them by my husband, who asked me what I thought of them–but I’d never heard of them! He thought since they were made in the USA and human grade, they surely would have crossed my radar. Somehow, these little jewels passed me by.

We ordered a bag of one treat, and when they were all instantly approved of by all four dogs, we tried another variety. We’ve tried 5 types so far and have concluded that any treat we get from this line is probably okay. Here’s our review of the treats we have tried.

Full Moon Chicken Jerky

The first product we tried from this line is the chicken jerky. The jerky has a slight vinegar smell to it, but mostly smells really good. It smells something like a human would actually eat, and looks good enough to eat too. (No, I didn’t try it.)

When I offered it to my dogs, it didn’t take more than three sniffs before they seized it and trotted off in various directions to enjoy their prize. Three out of four gobbled it up right away with no hesitation.

The fourth, Leia, has dental problems. She has very few teeth and finds chews less enjoyable than she used to. Despite this when we broke the treat up for her she was happy to take the smaller pieces as well. Sometimes she will chew the treat as if there are no problems, but most of the time she prefers to have a little help getting them started.

These treats were so well received by our pets, we went ahead and tried a different recipe. (Buy on Chewy/Amazon)

Full Moon Chicken Strips

These strips are a bit like the jerky, but are more uniform in texture. They’re a little bit easier to break apart, and also smell amazing. (This one smells more tempting for humans to eat, since it doesn’t have that vinegar smell.)

My dogs also loved this one, and happily trot off to gobble it down when ever they get one. I once again have to break these up for Leia, but it seems like a good chew for her since she can work on the smaller bites with her good teeth, and still be like the other dogs.

The only real difference between this type and the chicken jerky is the shape, and that there’s no vinegar in it. They are made from very limited ingredients, and are still human grade. (Buy on Chewy/Amazon)

Savory Bites

After we found the chicken treats to be appealing to our dog, we tried the savory bites. Althoguh it is listed as Free Range Beef, it’s important to note for those dogs with allergies that beef is not the only meat included. Turkey and chicken are also included in this recipe.

Our dogs are not allergic to chicken or beef, but we can seldom find training treats that aren’t things like hotdogs, string cheese, or chicken shreds. Sometimes you just need a treat that travels well and doesn’t stick to everything.

These treats once again pleased all 4 dogs. Each bite is about the size of a medium sized kibble. They need to be cut smaller for training treats, but are the perfect size for a regular snack. (Buy on Chewy/Amazon)

Pork Jerky

After Rocco’s Congestive Heart Failure diagnosis, his diet needs changed abruptly. We really have to watch how much salt he gets. We asked Full Moon which of their chew snacks had the lowest salt in it. Their customer service was very helpful through their Facebook messaging system, and quickly got back to me with salt content for the different chews.

We purchased this one even though we haven’t used it before, because this one and the beef jerky snack listed below it are the two lowest salt snacks on their line-up.

This pork jerky is just as delicious as the chicken ones, but lower in salt for my heart guy, and he loves them! We break it in half because these snacks are a lot bigger than the other ones, but it’s easy to break and Rocco just loves them. (Of course, he loves all of their treats, but these ones are fine for his low salt diet. (Buy on Chewy/Amazon)

Beef Jerky

Last on our list is the Beef Jerky. This is once again one we bought specifically for Rocco. It has some of the lowest salt content compared to the rest of their lineup, which makes it a better choice for our salt sensitive guy. We love that he can still have his favorite treats, even though he now has a low-salt diet.

Once again, Rocco loved these snacks. The other dogs have tried them and loved them too, but we try to keep these for Rocco since he’s the only one who needs to watch his salt intake. (Buy on Chewy/Amazon)

If you’re looking for human-grade treats your dog will love, we highly recommend anything in the Full Moon line. These are really awesome snacks!

Full Moon is not associated with this particular review at all. We bought these on our own, loved them, and wanted to share them with other picky dog owners. The links provided are my affiliate links, so if you decide you want to pick one out for yourself please consider using the link. It costs nothing additional to you but helps us buy more treatos for the dogs.

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