Last year we started making little dog skits for our elderly dog, Rocco. Rocco is 13 now (and will be 14 in January!) He has been slowing down as he has gotten older, so training videos and photos have been shifting to the younger dogs.

According to Rocco, this is not to be born. He loves the camera, and would be the first to stand on the set when I put a backdrop up or got out a camera.

These short stories were my way of letting him still be part of the videos, as they don’t require him to do more than play with props or look dramatic most of the time. Since then, the other dogs have joined in as they all love doing them, but Rocco is still in the thick of things every time.

Here are our Halloween inspired videos. Hope you like them!

The Haunted House

Sandy is too afraid to go trick-or-treating with Rocco. When she gets left alone in the house, everything seems so much spookier! Will she survive until everyone gets home?

Fun fact: All the dogs have their preferences, and Sandy is our resident shy dog who generally prefers not to do pictures or videos. For what ever reason she was feeling social at this time, so we did a video that she enjoyed.

The Costume

Leia is having trouble picking out her costume! She can think of all kinds of reasons why each costume isn’t perfect, but how can she choose the best one? Watch her figure out the scariest costume of all.

Fun fact: We have at least 20 minutes of Rocco videos playing in the boxes and ‘choosing’ costumes. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a one minute video and 19:56 of his parading about would be cut. He did have fun though.

The Skeleton

Rocco accidentally spills some ‘skelebone’ potion on himself and turns into a skeleton. Can he turn himself back before his mom catches him?

Fun fact: Rocco does not like fancy grooming anymore, but Tank enjoys it. (The jar of baby food he gets to lick out of while being groomed may have something to do with this.) We swapped dogs for the skeleton part.

We’re also never doing this again, as while the temporary paint is non-toxic and completely safe, it makes a huge mess.

Curing the Witch

It’s time to go trick-or-treating, but Rocco can’t get his mom up. Watch him brew her a special treat that will get her going so they can leave in time.

Fun fact: Rocco learned how to push a cart completely on his own for this one. He’s so smart!

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