Chihuahua sniffing for a potty spot outside.

Chihuahuas can be—er—difficult to potty train. Even after the initial puppyhood confusion, chihuahuas can need to review potty training for a variety of reasons. While many times it’s that they don’t want to go potty in the cold (geez, it’s raining mom!!) Sometimes its also because we forget just how small their bladders are.

I developed this Chihuahua Potty Training Schedule for my own selfish purposes. Our dogs started pottying in our house in response to the stress of a vacation, and we needed to get them back on track. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy with 4 senior pups in the house.

This schedule not only helped us remember when to take them out, but also keep track of whether someone else in the family has taken them, and whether they’re due to poop or not.

We thought you would like this schedule to help with your own potty training, whether that be for a puppy or an adult that has forgotten its manners.

Chihuahua Potty Schedule
Last Call
After Nap/Food

Download the Potty Schedule PDF Here.

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