When rescue workers removed little Oreo from a hoarding situation, he had no idea how much his life would change. Weak from a hookworm infestation so bad he needed blood transfusions to survive, a hole in the roof of his mouth from severe dental rot, and an untreated broken leg, Oreo was knocking on death’s door at the time.

Oreo was understandably very ill, and at his age was considered a senior. Because of this, funding wasn’t as available for him as there would be for a younger dog. Even his foster home rejected him because his illness made him vomit frequently.

Just as all hope seemed to be gone, one person stepped forward to adopt Oreo. They adopted him knowing all of his flaws and knowing that it would likely be a hospice situation. They rushed him to their personal vet and began working hard to save Oreo’s life.

Who Needs Who?

Oreo rallied under the care of a great veterinarian, and despite being half the weight he should be for his size, began to blossom. One of Oreo’s owners was terminally ill at the time of adoption, and Oreo proved to be one of the best things that could have happened to him.

Every time Oreo’s owner’s health took a dip, Oreo was right there to comfort him. Oreo stayed by his side a full year and was there for his owner’s last breath. The dog who almost didn’t make it himself, proved to be one of the single greatest comforts a person could have.

A Dark Time

After Oreo’s terminally ill owner passed away, both Oreo and his other owner were crushed by the loss. Months later, Oreo and the owner were going through yet another broken day, when suddenly Oreo started wagging his tail.

Oreo seemed to realize that he could be happy again. His surviving owner thought to herself, “If Oreo can be happy again—why can’t I?”

It was the beginning of healing for them both, and though it took over a year, they were able to recover from the loss of their beloved family member.

Oreo Today

Oreo lives with his remaining owner to this day and is a very happy dog. He is incredibly spoiled and loves to play silly games. His favorite is “Boop the Snoot.” In this game, his owner has to try to boop his nose while he tries to get away. When he is eventually booped, he gets the zoomies!

Although he is fun loving and spirited during the day, it can’t be said that Oreo is a morning dog. Like most chihuahuas, it takes him at least an hour to get out of bed before he’s willing to greet the day. Once this occurs, he requires morning snuggles from his mama until he’s ready to get going.

They often explore different parks and hiking trails together, and when they come back, Oreo begs his mom to scratch him where that itchy harness was!

Oreo is an amazing dog, and truly lucky to have such a wonderful owner.

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