3 chihuahuas smooch over the Little Boogie Shoes book.

We find most of our books at the local library, but Little Boogie Shoes found us in a different way. We are friends with the owner of this adorable little dog on Instagram, and discovered the book when we explored the Boogie Shoes website.

This book is aimed at children ages 7-8, but my daughter who is 5 also enjoyed the book. The book has several pictures of Boogie, and she enjoyed looking at them while I read her the story.

The story is about how Boogie Shoes, a puppy with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, came to find his forever home. Cerebellar Hypoplasia is a condition that happens when a puppy’s brain does not fully develop. This causes the dog’s brain to be unable to communicate properly with its body and makes the dog wobble when it walks.

Dogs with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) can live a full and normal life, but some things are harder for them to do. They need to be kept away from hard surfaces or pointy objects because they can injure themselves due to their wobbles.

Unfortunately for poor Boogie Shoes, nobody wanted a wobbly little puppy looking for a home. They couldn’t see past Boogie Shoes disability, and worried about getting a dog with problems.

Luckily, the dog’s foster parents Matt and Alicia work together to find him the perfect home.

Little Boogie Shoes is a heartwarming tale that helps children learn about disabilities in a safe and welcoming manner. It’s a wonderful book for kids of all ages, and for parents too. We give this book a big thumbs up. You can get it directly off the Boogie Shoes website.

We also recommend that you check out Boogie Shoes’ social media, where you can hear about his adventures. Boogie Shoes is on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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