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Forums are getting rarer and rarer as time goes on. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have largely taken over with their groups and lists. Although they provide a great way to meet other people, new policy shifts have made keeping in touch with your friends difficult.

Forums may not have the popularity they used to have, but there’s something to be said about being able to chat with your friends in peace. They say many social media groups only show your posts to 10% of your following, so you’ll have to pay to be seen by the rest.

Imagine sending out party invites to 100 guests, but finding out only 10 are delivered. With a forum, everyone who visits gets to see what you have to say.

The Best Chihuahua Forums

With that being said, we combed through the net for the best chihuahua forums out there. As we mentioned earlier, there’s not too many forums out there. In fact, just two that weren’t directly connected to a social media website.

  • Chihuahua People
    Chihuahua People is the largest forum not attached to a big box social media website. It boasts almost 80k members. Unfortunately, replies are slow with only 1-2 new messages every couple of weeks.
  • All Things Chihuahua Forum
    We just started our own forum! We only have 4 members right now. Our hope is that with your help, we can create an active community of new members visiting daily. Joining a new forum is intimidating, but we hope you will be one of the first!

    To be clear, we don’t mind if your chihuahua is a mix, if you want to showcase your own blog or small dog related business, etc.

Besides these two forums there are facebook groups, twitter lists, and a reddit forum. These have more activity, but are vulnerable to social medias recent lack of reliability.

As we find new forums, we’ll update this.

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