Happy Anniversary to All Things Chihuahua!

One year ago this month, I threw open the virtual doors of All Things Chihuahua and published my very first blog post. Since then we have published 2-4 times a month on topics ranging from nail trims to training.

I’ve run many blogs before, but this one I wanted to throw the usual ‘SEO’ guidelines to the wind and do what I wanted to do. Rather than publishing crap content every single day just to have some sort of digital presence, I post when I have a quality piece.

Your Story

Although I put out articles that I think are interesting, the internet has spoken in big ways. We discovered that everyone’s favorite article was our Chihuahua Heroes one. The favorite videos have been our skits, with over 20,000 views.

We also got a few viewer questions, including how often chihuahuas should be bathed. We love getting viewer questions or suggestions, so if you ever want to see something here just leave a comment on the blog!

We also added a forum to our website due to the unstable nature of social media these days. At the moment, I check it daily, but no one has visited. Due to spam bots, I can’t allow guests to post. I did that one time and got an unholy number of posts offering all sorts of inappropriate things for my trouble.

I do hope one of you bold adventurers will join, and don’t worry if you have another dog besides chihuahuas. While our focus is chihuahuas here, all pups are welcome.

The Future

Going forward, I hope to continue adding more great articles, and more skits from our dogs. I’d also like to add some fun things like mini-games or contests. Contests are a struggle because scammers are so thick on Facebook, no one believes us even when we tell them they have won our prize. -.-

If you have a great idea for a game or something cool you’d like to see on the blog, let us know. I’d love to bring new adventures to you through All Things Chihuahua this year.

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