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It has been two years since we first opened All Things Chihuahua. Our blog has really grown in the past year. We’ve gotten a lot better at video, and also added audio. Although audio isn’t on all of our pages at this time, we hope to get audio on every page by our next anniversary.

Our Facebook page has also really grown. We’ve climbed to 2.5k followers on Facebook, and have made many wonderful friends there. I’m so thankful for the friendship this blog has brought me, and for everyone reading my blog.

Another fun thing we got to do this year was help with the creation of the new Chihuahuas for Dummies book. It was a lot of fun! They even used a picture of our pets in the book!

This year also came with a heavy loss. Our beloved Rocco, one of the cornerstones of this blog, passed away from Congestive Heart Failure. He was almost 14.

The Future

Last year I mentioned wanting to start adding mini-games to All Things Chihuahua. This is still a goal, but now I’ve taken a step towards it! I’m learning Javascript right now, and hope to have a mini-game available by the end of the year.

My big goal is to make a game that let’s people practice cutting their dog nails on a fake paw before try it on their pet. I am nowhere near this goal, but I should be able to make simpler games soon. I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’ll also be adding supportive comics to show some of the information on our website in a new way. I’m currently working on a comic, “Alfie and the Clippers of DOOM” which is to be paired with this article on teaching your dog how to like nail trims.

The goal of the comic is to show how to condition a dog who hates clippers to like them, but I also hope it will be a funny and enjoyable read.

I hope this year of 2024 is packed with new and helpful content. Happy Anniversary, All Things Chihuahua!

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Andrea is a dedicated dog mom of three chihuahuas. She has over a decade of experience as a dog groomer, chihuahua owner, and more recently as a dog trainer. She loves all things canine, particularly chihuahuas.

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