a coloring page of a chihuahua on a pumpkin.

It can be hectic with a house full of kids and dogs. Sometimes, I need something that will keep my daughter occupied a few minutes while I’m busy. Offering to print her a coloring page is a sure fire way to keep her happy while I’m working.

This Halloween we wanted to offer a few holiday inspired coloring pages. This Halloween Themed Chihuahua page is free to print out, and won’t leave you guessing which is the print button, and which is the ad.

This link will take you to a PDF copy that can be printed on standard letter sized printer paper. It’s all I could do to figure out how to make a pdf, so future sizes will probably happen only once I’ve gotten more confident. Meanwhile, please enjoy!

Happy Halloween! If you liked this one, here’s our other coloring page.

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By Andrea

Andrea is a dedicated dog mom of three chihuahuas. She has over a decade of experience as a dog groomer, chihuahua owner, and more recently as a dog trainer. She loves all things canine, particularly chihuahuas.

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