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It’s getting closer to Halloween. It’s a great time to explore all things creepy, or sometimes just plain supernatural. While tomorrow we’ll be looking at the science of whether dogs can perceive ghosts or not, today we wanted to share experiences of our fellow dog owners.

We reached out to our dog community, and asked them to share their paranormal stories. Here are the stories they shared.

Seeing Ghosts

When I moved to my sweetheart’s old family farm to help take care of his elderly mother, I took my 3 Chihuahuas with me. The family is Japanese and the mother (Fumi) was a very devout Buddhist. She had a beautiful shrine in the living room when she sat and prayed and softly chanted.

She always lit candles and incense. Buddhists pray to the family members who have passed. The shrine was surrounded with framed photos of the relatives. One night, we were watching TV and Fumi was at her shrine. When she was done she went to another area of the house, but I guess those she was talking to didn’t.

My Chihuahua Ruby Belle was very agitated. She was on the back of the couch barking frantically at the air above the shrine. All of a sudden her ears went back and she leaped off the couch and ran like a bullet into our bedroom.

After that night it happened a couple more times. Ruby Belle was fine in the living room during the day, but rarely relaxed in there at night. The other 2 dogs couldn’t have given a rip. They were used to Ruby being high strung and ignored it all. I guess she was the only one to see ghosts.

We followed up to ask what Fumi thought of this, and Pattie reports that Fumi was certain Ruby Belle could see spirits.

Photographic Evidence

Picture courtesy of Laura Leveque

My dog, Joey, kept watching something above his head. I used a digital camera with a flash and caught a picture of the orb he was watching. I couldn’t see the orb, but Joey could.

Crossing Over

Regarding a dog named Wrigley and his grandpa Larry. Wrigley knew Larry was leaving this world.

He jumped onto the chair next to Larry, heard him sigh his last breath and stared up at the ceiling, eyes jetting around, looked at Larry and snuggled against him

I saw it as well as 3 other people in the room.

Puppy Dreams

My dog ( a Sheltie/mix) passed away in August last year. She was 12 years old. I had a dream in January 2023. In it she was in the driveway pushing a black/white puppy toward the front door. I thought it was a black and white Sheltie or border collie, so I attempt to rescue a bl/wh Sheltie in March of 2023 but was denied because I do not have a fenced in yard.

In May of 2023 I saw a bl/wh puppy on an adoption site. When I applied to the site I received call from Florida- the puppy was in my state less then 20 minutes away from me. The women said she got goose bumps when she received my application and knew this puppy was mine. A black and white Chihuahua/mix. I rescued her, she has been mine for 3 months now. And my previous dog sent her to me.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience with your dog? Share in the comments below!

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