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It’s almost Halloween! As we fill up our candy bowls and get ready for the spookiest night of the year, Leia is here for your dogs. Over the course of the month she has shared her scariest stories every week on Youtube. If you missed them, here are all 4 of Leia’s Spooky Stories.

chihuahua eating kibble.

Dry Food

It’s crunchy, its flavorless, and it’s not going to get eaten. Leia terrifies her fellow chihuahua friends with a tale of getting dry food instead of moist. Also a completely unrelated ghost exacting revenge.

a dog standing in a kennel.


What could be worse to a dog than seeing those awful suitcases come out? Those suitcases mean their special someone is going away. In this creepy tale, Leia shares the doomsday story of the time the suitcases came out.

a chihuahua on a stormy day.


Nothing spoils a walk more than cold, soaky rain. In this tale, Leia horrifies her doggy friends with the prospect of a rainy day walk.

a close up of a dog's foot.

The Nail Trim

Leia has saved the scariest story for last! In her final tale, she shares every dog’s nightmare. The day the groomers come to steal away all your nails!

We hope you enjoy Leia’s Spooky Tales. If your dog could tell a spooky story, what would they share?

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