A dog walks past a lawn mushroom.

We are full into fall now. Red, orange, and yellow leaves are all over the ground. Pumpkin Spice everything is available in stores. Heck, the pumpkins themselves are decorating nearly every porch. It’s a great time to take your pup for a walk and enjoy the natural beauty of the world.

It’s also important to be mindful of a few things when out on these walks. Fall also brings their share of dangers to your pet. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Lawn Mushrooms

Moist, cool weather often means mushrooms sprouting in the lawn. The good news is, 99% of mushrooms found on daily walks are non-toxic. The bad news is, that 1% that are poisonous can make your pet very sick.

It’s best not to let your dog go chowing down on any strange mushrooms if you can help it.

Forgotten Halloween Candy

Halloween means lots of kids getting lots of candy. There’s also a good chance some of that candy got dropped. A few candies, like jolly ranchers and candy corn, won’t harm pets. Others, such as chocolate or candy with raisins in it, could make your pet very sick.

Another problem with forgotten candy is that dogs are not especially careful about unwrapping these candies. If they gulp down a snack wrapper and all, the wrapper itself could cause a blockage.


While ingesting falling leaves isn’t likely to do more than give your dog a belly ache, acorns are another story. Tannins in the acorn can cause fatal kidney and liver failure. If you notice your dog ingesting acorns, its best to get them to a vet right away—even if they don’t appear ill at first.

 Horse Chestnuts

Sometimes called Conkers or Buckeyes, horse chestnuts come from an ornamental tree popular because it grows well in the shade. Unlike the chestnuts you roast over an open fire, horse chestnuts are extremely toxic to humans and dogs.

Although it’s unlikely your dog will toy with these, if they do, contact your local vet about whether they ingested any and if so how much.

Anti-freeze and other Fall Preps

As one final reminder, many people are preparing for winter in ways that are unfriendly to dogs. They are putting fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns, anti-freeze in their cars, and toxic spring bulbs in their gardens.

The best solution is to make sure your dog isn’t eating anything suspicious and being careful where you let them walk off leash. Autumn is a fabulous time for long romps with the pup—as long as they’re not inclined to swallow any of these fall dangers.

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