A chihuahua in a giant watermelon neck pillow tries to ignore her sad plight and pose for a fall photo.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It’s a great time to reflect on what we are grateful for, and for us, pets are a big part of that. There’s a lot of reasons to love these tiny dogs, but if you’re searching for reasons, here’s 7 reasons I’m thankful for chihuahuas.

Please note, there’s tons of posts out there about how dogs are good for your health and help you exercise and all that jazz. This is the article about why I personally am grateful, so be prepared for this article to be a bit off beat.

#1 They Appreciate the Little Things in Life

When we think of what would make us happy, they’re often pipe dreams. We dream of winning the lotto, moving into a big home, or having someone else take care of the housekeeping. Every time I pile laundry straight from the dryer onto my bed, my 13-year-old Chihuahua, Rocco, is thrilled.

He gets onto the bed and gets comfortable in that warm, cozy laundry, and it makes his whole day. Sometimes, watching him festooned across the laundry with a cheesy smile on his face makes me realize that I’m pretty lucky too.

#2 They Like Reading Time Too

One of my favorite pastimes is reading a good book, and it’s even better with a dog or two (or four) for company. When I’m relaxing with a good book, they all enjoy piling in my lap to enjoy some cuddle time while I’m reading.

They might yap at the squirrels or let me know the doorbell has rung, but when it’s reading time, they’re wonderfully quiet.

#3 They Won’t Pass on Your Vents

Sometimes, you just have to let off some steam and vent about the people around you. It might be a coworker who takes credit for team projects—but never participates. It could be someone leaving a mess in the kitchen after you just cleaned it.

Regardless of what it is, chances are if you tell a human you’re as good as telling the world. A chihuahua will listen to your complaints and never tell.

#4 I Can Feed Them Whatever I Want

Good food is expensive. If you care about ingredients and want your dog to eat high quality food, it can hit you right in the pocketbook. It costs so much less to feed a 5-pound dog than a 50-pound dog. A single turkey, sweet potato and vegetables feeds our four dogs for a month. That same food might not last two days with a big dog.

#5 They’re Portable

Working as a dog groomer, I can tell you that bathing an English Mastiff that does not want to go into the tub is a very difficult task. With the little guys, you can just pick them up and plop them where you want them.

Although not having as much agency as a big dog is sometimes why chihuahuas can be temperamental, my dogs are very well behaved about getting picked up and moved around. I just love having portable dogs, and my time as a dog groomer is a big reason for why I appreciate them so much.

#6 They Communicate Well

Despite not being able to speak a word of English, chihuahuas communicate their needs and even opinions remarkably well. My dogs let me know the exact minute it is feeding time. They are excited when it’s time to go for a walk. They invite me to play.

Of course, they’re also able to communicate their displeasure as well. Anyone who says revenge poops are a myth have never gotten poop in the shoes after a bath so reliably, we know to lock them out of reach after cleaning a dog up.

Still, I’m glad that I know how they experience the world, because that helps me be a better pet parent.

#7 They Live a Long Time

In one of our articles this year, we took a poll to determine how long the average chihuahua lived. We found the median age at death was about 15 years, with some dogs reaching well into their 20s. When some breeds of dog commonly don’t make the double digits, I’m grateful that my favorite breed is longer lived.

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Andrea is a dedicated dog mom of three chihuahuas. She has over a decade of experience as a dog groomer, chihuahua owner, and more recently as a dog trainer. She loves all things canine, particularly chihuahuas.

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