A review of my oldest grooming tool the Andis UltraEdge

Yesterday, I wrote my review about a small set of paw pad clippers. Although I love my new set, it reminded me that if I’m going to do reviews, I need to include my Andis AGC2 UltraEdge in the conversation.

This set of clippers has been my work horse for years. I estimate that I’ve groomed around 5,000+ dogs over many, many years with it, and it still works reliably. There have been a few minor repairs over the years, but despite being kicked by dogs and dropped, my UltraEdge has chugged along forever.

What it’s good for

Unless you have another, furrier companion than a chihuahua (or you are a dog groomer) getting one of these is overkill. You don’t need to spend almost $200 to tidy up feet. These are good if you need to do full grooms on your dog, including feet, sani and a full body shave.

The Andis AGC3 UltraEdge lets you choose from a variety of different blade sizes and comb attachments (sold separately) to choose the precise length you want.

It has a strong engine that can cut through very thick coats, and a long cord so you can reach a grooming table easily as well as walk around a dog.

What it’s not for

There actually isn’t really anything this set of clippers can’t do. They can be used to shave feet and faces, sanitary trims, full body grooms, and help start shaping a head. Their biggest con is the price. At $200 for one, it makes no sense to buy these if you only plan to use them on feet.

Pros and Cons

Like any clippers, the Andis AGC2 UltraEdge has its downside. The biggest complaint by customers is that the clippers get too hot over time. The blades tend to heat up after 10 to 15 minutes of work. As a groomer, my solution for this was to check the blade against my inner wrist every few minutes. If it felt warm, I would switch out the blades.

I imagine this might be frustrating if you don’t have a lot of blades to spare, but since I had plenty, this was never a concern for me.

You can speed the cooling of blades with products like Clipper Cool. Another option is to purchase a tile from Home Depot and leaving them flat side down on the tile. The tile cools the blade faster.

The benefits of the UltraEdge are that it is quiet, reliable, and will last you for years. It doesn’t provide any special features like some of the fancy models, but it can also take a beating and still work.

Final Thoughts

I probably wouldn’t own these clippers if I wasn’t previously a dog groomer. This is a workhorse meant for doing a lot of grooming, and chihuahuas just don’t require that much. Even long-haired chihuahuas have coats that are easy to take care of, so they aren’t typically shaved.

If however, you have a chihuahua and a dog that needs shaved down, this larger clipper is a sensible option.

If you plan to purchase these please consider buying them through my associate link on Amazon. It costs nothing additional to you, and gives us a small commission. Thank you!

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