a small white box containing the dog clippers.

Chihuahuas don’t need much in terms of shaving, but one area they can benefit from some clipping is around their paw pads. If you don’t have other dogs to trim, using paw pad clippers is a sensible choice. We chose the oneisall paw pad clippers because of the great reviews on Amazon, and gave it a test today.

How the oneisall paw pad clippers shape up

Before I started writing full time, I was a dog groomer. I have groomed thousands of dogs over my career, so I believe I have the experience to size up a pair of paw pad clippers. Although I can use my Andis for a full groom, small ‘peanut’ clippers are great for paw pads because:

  • They are light weight
    Full sized clippers are heavy and sometimes bulky. It’s easier to control a lighter pair of clippers, allowing you to keep up with wiggling feet more easily.
  • They are cordless
    Cordless options give you the freedom to choose where you shave your pet. Cords limit where you can shave to a small radius around an outlet.
  • They are quieter
    Most dogs aren’t wild about having their feet messed with. These quiet clippers are less bothersome to the pet and may make it easier to groom them.

Those above reasons are why you would use a pair of paw pad clippers over a full-size to begin with, so does the oneisall measure up?

For its purpose, yes. The clippers were quiet, cordless, and lighter than my Andis. Here’s my experience testing this product.

Thoughtfully Produced Kit

I ordered the oneisall off of Amazon. At the time of purchase, it cost roughly $25. This is a steal compared to my Andis clippers, which cost $120 for comparison value. The oneisall came with a small blade for tiny feet, and a larger blade if you’re doing a larger area.

It also came with oil and a brush to help maintain the blades, a charging cord for the battery, and an instruction manual. On the top was a cute message from the manufacturer along with a bandana meant for a medium to small dog.

I was really impressed with what the kit includes, especially the brush as hair does tend to get caught in the teeth of my blades. I used the brush on all my other blades.

The clippers worked right out of the box, but I did charge it after testing the two blades to make sure they ran properly. Some comments on Amazon mentioned that there are battery issues with some of the clippers, but I didn’t run into this.

The oneisall paw pad clippers, an extra head, a cable, brush and oil laid out in a box.
Here’s a look at what my kit came with.

Lifetime Warranty

In case there is a problem, I am pleased to note that the instruction manual on the box states there is a lifetime warranty on the box. I have not had a chance to test the customer service or whether they make good on this because my clippers worked well right out of the box.

What the oneisall paw pad clippers don’t do

These clippers are perfect for paws and minor detail work. The length is obviously too short for a shave down, but if you tried to shave down a dog with it for the naked mole rat look, the clippers would die for sure.

The quiet engine that makes paw pads so easy to trim is quiet because it is small. Trying to chug through lots of thick hair is too much work for a tiny little set like this.

I believe if you are looking for a set of face, feet and sani clippers this would do a fine job. If you want to do full haircuts, you’ll need a full-sized set of clippers.

One Year Later

I’ve now had this clipper set for a year. I’d just like to say that it is still performing at the same level as before. I don’t use it daily since I’m not a a groomer anymore, but do use it several times a month for paw pads and human neck hair on various family members.

Pros of this product:

  • Affordable
  • Light Weight
  • Cordless
  • Quiet
  • Lifetime Warranty

Cons of this product:

  • Not appropriate for shave downs
  • Some typos in the instruction manual

Final thoughts:

I think this is a great choice for anyone who just needs a pair of clippers to tidy up the feet of their pup. I will come back and update this review if anything happens as I continue to use the oneisall paw pad clippers, but in the mean time this is a positive review.

If you want to try this product, please consider purchasing it through my affiliate link on Amazon. I receive a small commission when you do, and it costs nothing to you.

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