A pink leash. The leash has a peace symbol, heart and paw print on a flat plastic tag towards the front of it.

If you plan to take your dog trick-or-treating, reflective leashes and collars are a must. Even if you don’t however, you should still have a reflective collar on your dog for Halloween. If your dog escapes, it may help cars see your dog at night, so they can avoid getting hit.

Here’s a few leashes and collars we think are great for night time walking.

Frisco Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

This collar is great because it combines both the necessary ID tags for if your dog gets lost, with the reflective collar to help others see your dog in the dark. If your dog doesn’t like their collar to jingle with tags, this is a great compromise.

This collar comes in 5 different color variations, and also a fairly good size range. We highly recommend it.

Chai’s Choice Reflective Dog Harness

Although we’re discussing collars, the truth is most chihuahuas are walked in a harness. This is because chihuahuas are prone to collapsing tracheas. Although a collar is great for keeping ID on your dog, if you’re planning to take the dog out a harness is best.

The white dots stitched into this harness are the reflective parts, and they light up well in the dark. Cars, trick-or-treaters, and other people will be able to see and hopefully not step on your pup.

Voyager Dual Attachment Outdoor Dog Harness & Leash Bundle

This comfortable harness has it all. A reflective leash is included with the harness, a comfortable fit, and it allows you to hook your dog up from either the back or the front. Front clips are best for dogs who tend to pull on the leash, while the back is often most convenient for us.

Front clips are not really compatible with flexi leashes because they correct pulling by having your dog turn. A flexi-leash is always pulling on your dog, and will likely make it hard for them to walk with you.

Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Dog Leash

We’d like to finish this quick round-up with the Pawtitas Nylon Reflective Dog Leash. We picked this one out because of the smaller, lighter snap which is ideal for chihuahuas. While there are plenty of other leashes out there, this one seems perfect for our little guys.

Once again this comes in a variety of colors, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one to match your harness.

High viz collars and leashes are important if you frequently walk at night. In the unlikely event your pet escapes, a reflective collar may help cars see them as well. If you’re planning to go out at night, a reflective leash, collar or harness is a very sound choice.

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