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4th of July is in just a few days for those of us who live in America. While some dogs enjoy spending time barbecuing with their owners, getting tasty treats off the grill, others find the noise associated with fireworks horrifying.

Whether you are bracing for the evening with a noise phobic dog or just want to make sure your party loving pet stays safe, keep these tips in mind for 4th of July.

Watch the Treats

Barbecue chicken smells great, and so do all the other many treats typically grilled on this day. Although a piece of plain chicken meat or a bite of ground beef is fine, do not feed your dog anything with cooked chicken bones or offer your dog a corn cob to gnaw on.

Bones and corn cobs can cause obstructions in the gut, turning your fabulous weekend into a nightmare spent at the Emergency Vet.

Too many fatty treats can also lead to a painful bout of pancreatitis, so restrict treats to just a nibble here and there.

Update Microchip

Before the big day, make sure your dog is wearing a collar with up-to-date ID tags, and that their microchip, if any, is updated. This way if something happens and they escape, you will have the best chance of getting them back. In the USA, more dogs get lost on the 4th of July weekend than any other time of year. Be prepared for the possibility.

Prepare a Safe Space

For noise phobic dogs, 4th of July is a very difficult time. We recently wrote out a list of our favorite calming supplements and gear, but it may be hard to get any this close to the holiday. You can still make your pet comfortable however, by preparing a kennel or other tightly enclosed space for your pet to hide in.

Dogs feel better when they have a den they can hide in. Consider clearing a space in a closet or under the bed and putting a bed or soft blankets in there if you don’t have a kennel for them. If you do have a kennel, tossing a blanket over the top of it to make it darker and more closed in can make your pet feel safer.

Start playing soothing music early in the day to help drown out the sounds of the fireworks and offer your pet a chew or stuffed kong to help distract them.

Keep Your Pet Inside for Fireworks

Even if your dog is chill about noise, keep them inside if you are lighting off fireworks or sparklers. Your pet can still be wounded by flying sparks or stray fireworks, or may get excited by the motion and try to chase or eat fireworks.

You should also keep your pet away from glowsticks, kabob skewers, and hot grills. At this time, it’s very difficult to find even an emergency vet available in some places, it’s better to reduce risk where ever you can.

Beat the Heat

July is a couple weeks into summer for North America, and that means things are often hot, hot, hot! Don’t forget your pup may suffer from the heat if left outside too long. Make sure your pet has adequate access to shade, water to drink, etc. if it is a very hot day. Here’s some more information on heat safety, if you’re worried about how to keep your pet cool.

4th of July is fun for humans, but not always so fun for pets. Keep these safety tips in mind so your pet stays safe and secure during this festive occasion.

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