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Nayarit, Mexico – A brave little chihuahua named Pincky is recuperating today after being brutally stabbed by a pitchfork. Pincky was at home when robbers broke into his family’s house. Pincky tried to defend his home and was stabbed by the robbers with a pitchfork.

The pitchfork went through his spine, testicles, and leg, but miraculously did not puncture any major organs. The dog was found in excruciating pain and had to be calmed by veterinarians before he could be transported to the Veterinaria Animal Hospital.

Warning, graphic image!

Credit: Veterinaria Animal Hospital

There, the pitchfork was surgically removed from Pincky. Unfortunately, the wounds were infected, and it was uncertain whether he would succumb to these infections.

Thanks to the excellent care provided by Veterinaria Animal Hospital, Pincky’s condition improved and he was discharged from the hospital a few days later. Here’s what the veterinarian (translated into English) had to say about Pincky:

Credit: Veterinaria Animal Hospital

“A few days ago, we received an emergency call where a house had been broken into, this beautiful puppy wanted to defend his space without knowing what they might do to him. We went to the scene, Pincky was bleeding and in a lot of pain, we calmed him down so we could lift him up and transport him.

One of the tines of the pitchfork pierced from the Spine into a testicle, and one of them the entire leg, fortunately neither of these hit any vital organ.

After being Surgically Intervened we were waiting to see how he reacted as the infection was very serious.

Pinky reacted excellent, remained in observation for a few days and to be medicated. Píncky has already been discharged and is doing perfectly, you were very brave and strong.”

The vet will be doing a “Live” Facebook event 2/3/23, and it’s possible Pincky will attend the event. We encourage you to stop by Veterinaria Animal Hospital’s page, and see the other awesome work that they do. You can also follow them on their instagram at clinica_animalcenter

Credit: Veterinaria Animal Hospital

UPDATE TO THIS: Although Pincky went home and was thought to be on the mend, he later passed away from his injuries. He was a very brave dog.

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  1. God Bless You Pincky! You amazing fierce brave boy! You saved your family from those bad robbers. Karma will bite them someday soon if she hasn’t already.
    And you will always be the Biggest Bravest Hero Ever! ♥️????♥️????♥️????♥️

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